Faith         Formation

What does it mean to be Christian, not just on Sundays but every day? Faith formation is about equipping people to live more faithfully as disciples of Jesus - at home, at work, in our community, and in the world. Through classes, retreats, discussion groups, and spending time in meaningful relationship with one another, we grow in our faith, develop a deeper understanding of the Bible, learn new spiritual practices, and talk about important issues facing one another and our world. 

If you want to become more involved in faith formation at Good Shepherd, either as a participant in one of our classes or groups, or as a leader, talk to one of the ministry representatives listed below. 

Art at Good Shepherd

Contact: Barbara Tazewell & Emma Washington

Good Shepherd is home to many amazing local artists who understand the important role that art plays in our intellectual, emotional, and spiritual lives. We have a rotating exhibit of art pieces on display in our hallway, showcasing the work of parishioners along with other well-known artists. 

Telling Our Faith Stories and the Choices We've Made

Contact: Barbara Tazewell & Emma Washington

Barbara and Emma continue their stellar interest-based Formation group with a series of conversations about what it means to share our stories as part of the Jesus Movement.  Graphic novels, books, and original stories frame the time together.  There is an empty chair waiting for you in the Edmondson Conference Room at 9:00 am each Sunday!

The Wired Word

Contact: Duffy Johnson

Taking issues from the day's headlines and asking how we address them as people of faith, The Wired Word is a thought-provoking class that welcomes all views and experiences.  You are bound to learn something new each time!  The class meets in the Parlor each Sunday at 9:15am.

Living the Good News 

Contact: Brooke Schmidly and Zach Ausband

Are you an adult between the ages of 20-45?  Then this new class is right for you!  Taking our weekly Sunday lectionary, Living the Good News invites us to ask deep questions and offers conversation for what it is like being a young adult in our ever-changing world.  Join the discussion in the Blue Room at 9:15am each Sunday.

Episcopal 101

Contact: The Rev. Joe Mitchell

Are you interested in joining the Episcopal Church?  Do you want to get confirmed?  Do you even know what that means??  For these and any other questions you may have, stop by the Parlor after the 10:30am liturgy for Father Joe's class, where we tackle everything from the history of the Episcopal Church to why we wear our fancy vestments!  There's no homework, so pop in anytime!

Children's Choir 

Contact: Jessica Blackwell

Children's choir rehearsal meets in the Choir Room at 9:45am every Sunday morning. All children are invited to attend!  The Children's Choir sings once a month at our 10:30am Sunday morning worship service, which is always an adorable and uplifting experience for all. No prior singing or musical experience is needed!



Spiritual Funtime

Contact: Desiree Trogdon

Are you a parent who wants to attend Living the Good News but doesn't know what to do with your child before Children's Choir starts??  No worries!  Desiree will be right next door in the Yellow Room from 9:15-9:45 to play games, make art, and have fun with your little one until time for them to sing.  

Children's Chapel & Nursery

Contact: Desiree Trogdon

During our 10:30am Sunday worship service, nursery care is available for infants and toddlers ages 0-4, and children ages 3-7 are invited to attend Children's Chapel, a unique kid-friendly liturgy which mirrors what's going on in the big church and prepares children to participate in and appreciate what happens at regular Sunday morning worship in the sanctuary. 

Youth Formation

Contact: Angie Kratzer 

All kids ages 11-18 are invited to stick around after the 10:30 service for lunch and conversation.  Angie leads our kids in discussions about Scripture, faith, and what it means to be a kid and Christian. Throughout the year the group will enjoy outings such as:  trips Ronald McDonald House, a trip to the Community of the Franciscan Way, Movie Nights, Lock-Ins, and more.  Good Shepherd youth also participate in diocesan youth events such as Happening, Genesis, and Bishop's Ball. 

Men of Good Shepherd & Parish Life Committee

Contact: Reynolds Lisk

Whether you are more of a "thinker" or more of a "doer," the men of Good Shepherd have something for you! We host guest speakers for conversations about relevant topics, and get together to provide the cooking and cleanup for our annual Shrove Tuesday pancake supper and annual Pentecost parish cookout. 

Women of Good Shepherd & Ladies Night Out

Contact: Dierdre Kraft

Once a month, the women of Good Shepherd gather for "Ladie's Night Out," which is a time for food, fun, and building relationships with one another, held at various locations including parishioner's homes, the church, and Pinewood Country Club. Our women also get together on a semi-regular basis for retreats, and are the driving force behind the Fellowship Committee (see our Faith in Action page).

Web Evangelism & I.T.

Contact: Zach Ausband

One important way we fulfill our mission to "spread the Good News" and educate others about our faith is through online communication. Through this website, our Facebook page, our Twitter feed, and  Father Joe's blog, we are able to share the experience of being at Good Shepherd with those who are not able to be physically present with us, and reach out to those who may be considering joining us for the first time. If you are tech savvy and want to be part of this ministry, please let us know!

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