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Episcopal Church Leadership

The term "Episcopal" means "bishop," and reflects that we are a church guided by bishops whose spiritual authority stretches all the way back to the days of the apostles. Each bishop leads a geographic collection of churches and congregations called a diocese.


The Church of the Good Shepherd is parish of The Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, which is part of Province IV of the national Episcopal Church. Our diocese is made up of 111 congregations and 10 campus ministries across the central part of NC. We are led by our bishop diocesan, The Right Rev. Samuel Rodman.

The national Episcopal Church is governed during General Convention, which is held every three years and is made up of bishops, clergy, and lay representatives from every diocese, all of whom vote on important issues. Overseeing the House of Bishops, and serving as the public face of our national Episcopal Church, is the presiding bishop, The Most Rev. Michael Curry, who was formerly a bishop of our diocese. 

The Episcopal Church is also part of the worldwide Anglican Communion, which connects us with congregations all over the world who are bound together through common prayer. To learn more about our denomination and how it functions, visit our Beliefs page, or stop by Episcopal 101 class on Sundays after church. 

Parish Leadership

As a parish church, we are a self-sustaining congregation that is guided spiritually by our Rector. All temporal affairs of the church (finances, mission projects, building maintenance) are managed by an elected body of church members called a vestry

All active parishioners are eligible to run for vestry. Elections are held each year at the Annual Parish Meeting, and vestry members are elected to a term of three years. We are so thankful for everyone who has served our community by stepping into this very important leadership role!  Please talk to a current vestry member if you are interested in serving as one of our parish leaders in the future. 

Vestry Members

Jon Megerian, Senior Warden (2024)

Jill Cofer (2024)

Glenn Lowry (2024)

Grace Moffitt (2024)

Duffy Johnson (2025)

Midge Noble (2025)

Pat Chamberlin 2025)

Chris Yow (2025)

Marcia Daniel (2026)

Rob Elliott (2026)

Elizabeth Mitchell (2026)

Dave Sawicki (2026)


Click here for a copy of Good Shepherd's by-laws (PDF) 

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